Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year, New Beginning

2010 has arrived and with it, a new start...for me, at least. 
I've never been one to make serious new year's resolutions as I haven't been able to stick to any, but this year is a different story. A lot happened in 2009, a lot that I wish I could forget. So I'm really embracing 2010 and doing my best to make the most of it.

I'd like to get back into literature but stick to the classics such as The Odyssey, Picture of Dorian Gray, Siddhartha, Dracula, and A Tale of Two Cities, to name a few. My focus will be on European literature with the exception of Tao Te Ching.

I want to become more musical. Get back into writing songs, playing the piano, and voice lessons. I connect so much with music and always find songs to express how I feel, but this time I want to be the one to create.

I've been wanting to delve deeper into the world of film. I've seen three or four movies in the Criterion Collection so far and would most definitely like to watch more. I also want to watch more Fellini films, get into Hitchcock, Kubrick, and Godard, to name a few.

Fashion has always been a major part of my life but sort of took a backseat the last couple of years, unfortunately. I want to make it a point to effortlessly dress up everyday. And I definitely need to start accessorizing, a part which I've always overlooked when it can do loads for an outfit.

I'm going blonde! Scary, but exciting. Definitely need to try new things with my hair. I just got it cut and it's almost like an A-line bob on one side and the other side is shorter and I've got some side swept fringe. I'm thinking about getting the shorter side cut shorter. I'd also like to try a faux hawk, but I'm too afraid to look like a boy. But I definitely want an A-line bob with fringe and I want some lavender in my hair. Very inspired by Lady Gaga's lavender blonde.

I would like to get some traveling done. Specifically, Europe. I've been wanting to go back to Italy and Spain and spend more time there. I'm also very interested in seeing Germany, Amsterdam, Greece, France, the UK, Monaco, and Portugal, to name a few. I doubt I'll be able to see all those places this year, but it's always nice to hope. Money is tight, and I'm okay with seeing just one country this year, but I would just really like to make it to Europe before the year ends. It's been nearly three years, much too long.

My most important resolution is to make the most of every day that I'm given. I'm tired of wasting a day being sad and by myself. I want to give more of myself to my friends and family, something that I've never seemed to be good at. I'd like to become a better version of me overall.

-Christle Nadine


  1. Just be true to your words. Love you.


  2. I think those are some GREAT resolutions. I would like to add something to your reading list: Franz Kafka... read The Metamorphosis. It is a short story but SO GOOD. Like reading a nightmare!
    I think your are brave with the hair! I think every girl should try blonde at least once in her life. I was blonde for 6 months... it was different for sure!
    Accessorizing can completely change the tone of any outfit! Jeans and tees can look more amazing with accessories than having just a crazy outfit on.
    Good luck with all your goals this year!