Thursday, December 17, 2009

San Diego or Palo Alto?

Lately, I've been trying to decide whether to move to San Diego or Palo Alto. 

I'm finishing up my general ed in junior college and plan to transfer to FIDM to major in Merchandise Marketing.
Unfortunately, FIDM has 4 campuses: San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Orange County. This makes the selection process a lot more difficult for me because frankly, I'd like to live in all of these cities.
My plan, which I had just devised a mere 3 weeks ago, was to move to San Diego my first year at FIDM, hope to not get attached and move to LA my second year. 
I had been set on this up until this week.
I caught up with a friend and he was debating whether he wanted to go to college in San Jose or San Diego. I told him San Diego because I would be living there and such, but in the back of my mind, I started thinking about living in the Bay. I had also been catching up with a cousin of mine from San Jose and I remembered that most of the family I do have in California, resides in the Bay. Another factor, was the weather. It's been gloomy and cold in Sacramento lately and I love dressing up for the cold weather. I've always steered more toward dark colors and I love layering, wearing tights/leggings, and most especially, wearing BOOTS. I also really love Santana Row and Mill Valley, which I could go to both whenever because I would be closer. So all of this has got me completely confused.
Now, I suppose, I should talk about why I like San Diego. This is probably where I'll start to sound like a walking contradiction...
To begin, I love the beach. I could spend all my days there. And, of course, San Diego has some amazing beaches, to say the least. And these beaches have WARM water unlike the beaches in the Bay. I also love dressing for the warm weather. I love being able to put on a nice sleeveless top and some shorts with some cute sandals or wedges. I especially love wearing summer dresses. I love the sun, it always makes me feel so light and carefree. I have family in San Diego, as well. Except, my one cousin that I know of there, goes to University in Long Beach so she'd probably only be in San Diego some weekends. Another factor is that Disneyland would be much closer! I absolutely love Disneyland!

So all this has me discombobulated and I need your help to decide.
What are your thoughts on this?

                                                 San Diego?

                                                 Palo Alto?

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  1. I have some thoughts on the situation (jorden and i were discussing our options for when we are done with the military in 4 years: norcal vs. socal)... it sounds like you would be more adaptable to staying a norcal girl. I am the same when it comes to wearing jeans and boots and loving the gloomy weather and all. It is better to be near family. I love socal... i was born and grew up in san diego a little bit, but it is SO different in many ways. I think now it is a fun place to visit, but complicated to live there. The traffic and the stigma you might face being an outsider. That's just my opinion. I am a norcal girl. I have a norcal attitude. I am sure you will be happy wherever you wind up! Do what's best for YOU!